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Alternatives to passwords are not always practical or cost/risk justified. Recognizing that passwords will continue to play a significant role in the “authentication revolution”, Mandylion Labs originated a simple and common sense concept toward password management, a keychain sized device that helps create and manage all your logins and passwords. Today, we're recognized as the leading innovator in access control utilizing durable password techniques.
Our Company History
  Founded in 1999, Mandylion Labs singular focus has been the development of a technology to enable compliance with onerous password policies in those environments where alternatives to passwords are not practical or cost/risk justified. Our development has been sponsored and matured by the DoD and is now commercially available. Company Milestones

Our People
  Mandylion’s management team represents a balance between the sciences and disciplines of firmware and software design, cryptography/steganography and information security policy. Management Team


Federal GSA Supply Schedule issued for Mandylion Technology.

10,000th token shipped. Over 10,000 tokens licensed and in use worldwide in DoD, Federal and Commercial Marketplace.

Wall Street Journal Reviews Mandylion Token in an article on what enterprises are doing about the problem of password overload.

Commercial Version of Mandylion’s Next Generation Password Token & Policy Master Software Introduced.

Office of UnderSecretary of Defense for Advanced Systems and Concepts and Defense Information Systems Agency Co-sponsor a 3 year program maturing Mandylion’s technology. (C-IA COP ACTD).

Company Founded, Notice of Patent Application Filed.

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