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Welcome to our news section. This archive contains articles that mention our company, products or technology as well as noteworthy articles on the authentication industry
Latest News

Federal Computer Week Review
Leading Federal and State IT Publication reviews Mandylion’s next generation token and states its “ready for enterprise deployment” more info

Wall Street Journal Review
WSJ article provides overview of how corporations are coping with password overload and favorably describes the Mandylion Token as the hardware token solution. more info

Military Information Technology Magazine
Respected Military Journal Reviews DoD program which matured Mandylion token technology.
more info

Civilian Agencies Deploy
The Commerce Department’s National Weather Service, Treasury’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives and the National Institutes of Health Deploy tokens. more info

DoD Funds Development
Mandylion Labs technology was matured and showcased as part of a 3 year Advance Concept Technology Development and Demonstration Project funded by DoD Advanced Systems and Concepts. more info

How Strong Are Your Passwords?
Security experts cite weak passwords as one of the most critical security threats to your infrastructure. But just what is a strong password? Are their tools that can help me audit and quantify my risk? more info
Mandylion Technology Now Available GSA Schedule GS-35F-0243S.

Mandylion’s Enterprise Token reviewed by Federal Computer Week

Wall Street Journal Reviews Mandylion Token in Password Overload Article

DoD Development Program with Mandylion reviewed by Military Information Technology Journal

Civilian Agencies Deploy Mandylion Technology

DoD Funds Development of Mandylion Technology

Mandylion Technology Mentioned in InfoWeek Pipeline

Mandylion Invited Again to Worldwide Military Exercise

60 Pilot Sites Overwhelmingly Approve Token’s Utility

Mandylion Takes Part in its first Worldwide Military Exercise

Mandylion Technology Reviewed in TechRepublic

Mandylion Technology Reviewed in InfoWorld

Mandylion Password Manager Featured on TechTV

Mandylion Password Manager Debuts on Canadian National TV

Spy Museum Exhibits Mandylion Password Manager

Gartner Lauds Mandylion Approach at 2002 Orlando Symposium

Federal Computer Week: "...Passwords at Your Fingertips"

Mandylion Technology Reviewed in ZDNet's Security Update

Mandylion Technology Reviewed in PC Magazine "First Looks"

GCN "Test Drives” Mandylion Technology

Innovative Password Device is Design Award Candidate.

How Much Are Passwords Costing You?
A single password reset is costly and labor intensive. Is it worth it if users still thwart policy? Use our simple calculator to determine the cost to your organization.
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