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Federal Computer Week Review
Leading Federal and State IT Publication reviews Mandylion’s next generation token and states its “ready for enterprise deployment”
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Wall Street Journal Review
WSJ article provides overview of how corporations are coping with password overload and favorably describes the Mandylion Token as the hardware token solution. more info

Military Information Technology Magazine
Respected Military Journal Reviews DoD program which matured Mandylion token technology. more info

Civilian Agencies Deploy
The Commerce Department’s National Weather Service, Treasury’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives and the National Institutes of Health Deploy tokens. more info

DoD Funds Development
Mandylion Labs technology was matured and showcased as part of a 3 year Advance Concept Technology Development and Demonstration Project funded by DoD Advanced Systems and Concepts. more info

How Strong Are Your Passwords? Security experts cite weak passwords as one of the most critical security threats to your infrastructure. But just what is a strong password? Are their tools that can help me audit and quantify my risk? more info
Vienna, Va. (September 3, 2002):
Mandylion Research Labs, LLC today announced that its patent pending Personal Password Manager token, the ebplite has received a favorable product review from the top Government Information Technology publication, Federal Computer Week (FCW) and its online sister publication, FCW.com. FCW's parent, FCW Media Group, sponsors the prestigious Federal 100 and the Government CIO Summit. Receiving these coveted reviews highlights Mandylion Labs’ growing presence in the Federal information security marketplace and reflects its innovative approach to secure password use and management, a significant issue facing virtually Federal Agency and the DoD according to recent GAO reports on the security of Federal information technology. This FCW review compliments a similar glowing "First Look" review that appears in PC Magazine and PC Magazine Online as well as Government Computer News.

"…Passwords at Your Fingertips" is how FCW test center staff member, Michelle Speir, summed up the publication’s testing labs positive impressions of the device. "The device not only helps you manage the passwords you already have, it can also generate highly secure random passwords for you" she added in the review.

The article stated that "The number of passwords is actually multiplying as federal workers conduct more business over the Internet and use different systems, such as networks, laptop computers and handled devices." With regard to the ability of the device to empower Federal workers to create and manage passwords under the typically onerous Federal password policies, "We were impressed with the high level of password customization possible with such a small, simple device." Expressing that the consumer version of the device does take some effort to get the hang of, the article concludes "…for everyday use, which consists primarily of viewing password accounts, the device is extremely simple to operate". The enterprise version of the device, which was not reviewed, automates this task and eliminates the need for the individual user to manually perform these initial configurations of the unit.

The full review and review comments from this article can be viewed online at::

"The focus as a Company and its innovative products is the Federal Government’s mandate to improve its cyber security." "As evidenced by these reviews and initial strong interest, it's clear that we've succeeded," said Joseph Grajewski, president of Mandylion. "This success is a significant milestone for us as it underscores our continued leadership in password security and user authentication in the Fed."

David Schoenbrot, Vice President of Mandylion added, " Weak and carelessly managed passwords are now considered by the FBI as the No.2 vulnerability threatening our national computing infrastructure." "The GAO continues to report to Congress that Federal Information Security each Agency of the Federal Government continues to have systemic and significant security risks due to poor password management by the Federal Agency’s employees." Schoenbrot defended the Agency’s poor showing by adding "Before we developed our patent pending technology, there was no real effective way to address this threat while at the same time providing the user with convenience." "Because no technology existed, it was a "do as I say, not as I do "attitude toward proper security." "Now we have enabling technology which can truly advance Federal Information Security Policy by creating a culture of security among its computer users."

About the Product
Mandylion Labs’ developed and patented this innovative and inexpensive password manager called the ebplite in a three year development effort. It is a key chain sized device that helps any user instantly create cryptographically strong passwords that immediately work with any web site, login or system. A key feature is that the device provides for the secure and convenient storage of a user’s passwords along with their automatic update. It was designed to do away with the inherent weaknesses traditionally associated with the use of passwords; namely the individual being asked to create, remember and regularly change their passwords. Passwords created with the device thwart all known brute force and dictionary type hacking attacks.

It is more than a smart card. It works instantly with any login, any system and requires no client or host software or apparatus. There is nothing to install.

Originally developed for U.S. military and national security applications, more advanced versions of the device have the ability to embed user identifying watermarks within the passwords generated. The biometric version of the unit can asymmetrically bioauthenticate the individual logging in to an ordinary web site. To aid in the purely random number generation, algorithms embedded within the unit’s firmware continuously sense and take input from the user's random and unique interaction with the device

While other information security products generally address only specific threats, Mandylion’s products improve the entire baseline level of data security for the enterprise. Further, with studies that show that now half of all help desk support calls are for password resets, the device has become a tool of cost containment for runaway tech support costs.

The product retails for approximately $69.95 with corporate and Government discounts bringing its price in the mid $30 dollar range U.S. For a complete and current list of companies which offer the product, please visit our web site at www.mandylionlabs.com .

About Gartner
Gartner, Inc. is a research and advisory firm that helps more than 10,500 clients understand technology and drive business growth. Gartner's businesses consist of Gartner Research, Gartner Consulting, Gartner Measurement and Gartner Events. Founded in 1979, Gartner is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, and has 4,000 associates, including 1,200 research analysts and consultants, in more than 90 locations worldwide. For more information, visit www.gartner.com. The Gartner Symposium/Itxpo event is the IT industry's largest conference. Hosted this year in Orlando, this event features more than 200 sessions led by Gartner analysts.

About Mandylion Labs
The idea was inspired. Yet so simple. Rather than search to replace the use of passwords, just make them more convenient to use while removing the vulnerabilities associated with them . In 1998, Mandylion Labs originated this simple and intuitive concept toward password management. Today, we're a recognized as the leading innovator in access control utilizing durable password techniques. Government, Corporations and ISPs use our solutions to reduce the cost and complexity of managing their access control systems in the Window NT and Unix and Linux environments while increasing the enterprise's entire baseline of data security. With a web-centric economy pushing along expanding volumes of confidential information which is only separated from the public domain by an easily forgotten or worse, a hackable password, Mandylion’s solutions couldn't have come at a better time.

The apparatus and methods developed by the Company (5 separate patents pending effective 7/99 et al) inexpensively provide computer users with convenience, privacy and security in the management of their web site and LAN/WAN login passwords.

The Company is located in Vienna, Va. Our number is 703 – 628 4284.
Our e-mail address is info@mandylionlabs.com

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