Enabling Compliance with Password Policies
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The Issue
Many organizations are discovering that alternatives to passwords are not always practical or cost/risk justified. Without providing a means to enable users to easily comply, even the most carefully conceived security policy often creates more vulnerabilities than it was designed to mitigate.

The Mandylion Approach
For those logins where passwords remain the most viable alternative, Mandylion Labs offers enterprise grade password management tokens which aide in the generation and secure management of all password based login records. A simple office tool that empowers users to comply with complex corporate security policies.

The tokens are “air-gapped” from the desktop and work instantly with any login. The technology was originally designed for network operations centers and administrators of complex LAN/WAN infrastructures. Due to its low cost and ease of use, it is also a great tool for any user who must maintain multiple password protected logins. For the network administrator, it is the only solution that professionally and securely manages root passwords and logins under shared control.

Each token can be customized and pre-configured on behalf of the user or class of users via an intuitive configuration software utility called Policy Master. For security purposes, only the publicly available Login Policy for each login (i.e. length, composition and renewal period) is downloaded to the token. The token does the rest.

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