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100 User Departmental Configurations

For Departments & Large Workgroups

100 user Policy Master Software licenses. Tokens and cradles sold separately; buy as few or as many as you need. Easily add on later. No annual fees, no required token replacement, etc.

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500 User and Above Enterprise Configurations

For the Enterprise

500 user Policy Master Software licenses. Tokens and cradles sold separately; buy as few or as many as you need. Easily add on later. No annual fees, no required token replacement every 3 yrs., etc.

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All Mandylion Technology is available on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0243S – Brooks•Littlefield Associates. Please call 877-328-0496.

The Mandylion password manager solution was borne by the Federal requirements for proper password management. The technology was matured under a Department of Defense research program seeking practical solutions to password overload. It is now available to all Federal Agencies.

Mandylion’s technology was designed in conformity with U.S. Military, National Institute of Standards and Technology and National Security Agency standards for the secure creation, management and use of passwords. All units comply with DoD information security guidelines D8500.1 and D8500.2; US Army Regulation 25-2IA; FIPS Pub. Nos. 112,190 and 196 and NIST Special Publication 800-63 titled “ Electronic Authentication Guideline. (9/04); NSA and Committee on National Security Systems (CNSSS) National Security Telecom Information Security Systems Policy No. 11 (NSTISSP #11).

Stringent technology and procedural requirements have been placed on Federal Agencies with the enactment of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Through this FISMA compliance work a unique body of knowledge is emerging; a maturing view that there is no “one size fits all” solution to Federal authentication.

As these Agencies are modifying their infrastructures to be in accordance with FISMA, many are discovering that alternatives to passwords are not always practical or cost/risk justified.

According to recent Gartner Group studies, authentication should be viewed as more of a spectrum of requirements for which an enterprise should seek a blend of solutions. On one end, a particular login may warrant a complex and costly authentication solution, on the other end, no authentication at all. Passwords reside in the middle and, according to these experts, will continue to be the dominant form of authentication for routine logins for the foreseeable future.

Federal Partners & Resellers
Mandylion products are offered through a variety of Federal resellers, systems integrators and large government contractors. Mandylion and its Federal partners endeavor to be on a wide variety of contract vehicles that enable government clients ease of procurement.

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