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Platform Components




The Tokens

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The Autoload Platform is the next generation of Mandylion’s password management token technology. The Platform consists of Autoload Tokens, Policy Master Configuration Cradles and the Policy Master Configuration Software Suite.

Compliant with Federal Standards

The token has been designed in conformity with U.S. Military, National Institute of Standards and Technology and National Security Agency standards for the secure creation, management and use of passwords. All units comply with DoD information security guidelines D8500.1 and D8500.2; US Army Regulation 25IA; FIPS Pub. Nos. 112,190 and 196 and NIST Special Publication 800-63 titled “ Electronic Authentication Guideline. (9/04); NSA and Committee on National Security Systems (CNSSS) National Security Telecommunications and Information Security Systems Policy No. 11 (NSTISSP #11).



                               Actual Size: 69mm length (2.7 inches)
                                                     42mm width (1.6 inches)
                                                     10mm depth (3/8 inch)

Enterprise Grade

Truly an enterprise management tool, the autoload version allows organizations to configure and control the token on behalf of the organization’s users. The organization can set and control the enterprise logins and yet still allow the user to maintain their own personal logins on the token. Mixing official and personal logins provides a benefit to the organization; It promotes a culture of security over password use.

The software suite provides the enterprise with a great degree of control and authority over each token that is licensed to it. A Policy Master “Public” Utility is supplied as part of the suite. This utility can be freely distributed within the organization due to its limited configuration capabilities.

Kinetic circuitry actually senses your use of the unit. This aids the unit’s processor in the generation of strong passwords which thwart all known password cracking techniques including dictionary and brute force approaches. Passwords can be any length up to 14 characters or namespaces.

It securely stores and displays up to 50 passwords, PIN-s, phone numbers or security codes and keys. Convenient key-chain size lets you keep it securely under your physical control right along with your "regular" keys.

How Do You Use the Token?

To use the token with your logins, you simply follow three easy steps:

bullet Access the password input area or screen of the Web site or system you wish to gain access to.
bullet Activate your token and display the stored password or memory aid to arrive at the password that you created for that site.
bullet Enter the password (read more) in the input area of the Web site or system as you normally would ...and you are in!

Using the token instantly provides you with a quantum leap in security protection.

*For an even greater defense-in-depth security over your passwords, use the device as a memory aid to recall your actual passwords. A simple offset technique can apply something only you uniquely know to the characters displayed, to arrive at the actual password. Under this method, the passwords are never stored within the token. The device functions as a memory aid to arrive at the correct password. See FAQ’s for detail on the technique.

How Do You Get the Data Into the Token?

Two Ways to Enter Login Record Data

bullet On the Token Directly. Utilizing only the token’s keypad, a user can enter or generate either automatic or custom configured passwords as well as enter identifying names and account numbers to complete their Login Record.
bullet Download via Computer. Utilizing the Policy Master Configuration Utility, login records as well as enterprise controls over the token’s use can be easily entered onto a single or multiple tokens

How Do You Read the Display?

The Display has Three Information Area:

What is the User Interface Like?

Only 5 Keys Control the Entire Unit:

Four Directional Arrows surrounding a center Enter/Select Key

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