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Large enterprises have unique IT and information security requirements. Their challenge is to deliver a highly scalable infrastructure while being able to embrace future technologies without costly upgrades. Enterprises also face growing pressure to secure these sophisticated network environments against increasingly complex threats. Mandylion is the answer for securing legacy logins.

Mandylion is proud to be associated with an number of distinguished information security solution providers whose expertise can integrate a Mandylion solution into your organization’s infrastructure. These partners can integrate our technology into a least cost/greatest benefit, best of breed multi-vendor/technology solution to your unique authentication requirements. Enterprise Partners
Small Business & Workgroups
Small business owners cannot afford a complex infrastructure to support their business. They seek products that are of common sense design and which truly aid them in their business. Small businesses are, unfortunately, more vulnerable than the enterprise to information security breaches. Worse, their business is more disrupted if a security breach does occur.

Mandylion offers peace of mind, flexible solutions that fit any small business or workgroup at a reasonable price. Build your own solution now. From 2 users to 25.
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Originally designed for the administrators, the Mandylion token is also a great tool for individuals faced with managing multiple password logins. Because of job requirements, many individuals must also maintain multiple business password protected logins. Inquire of your organization’s policies regarding reimbursement for miscellaneous office supplies, such as the token.

Wireless Home
At the core of the Wi-Fi home network is the access point or router. Even though it appears that you automatically “join” the network each time you or a member of your family logs in, you have actually just wirelessly broadcast your user/password information to the access point. You are also broadcasting the password to your email account every time you check your mail and the password to your online banking account when you do online banking.

“War driving”, “neighbor sniffing” and other hacking activities to detect and decode such transmissions are now common. Security experts agree, the only protection against the deciphering of your passwords in such an attack is to use a cryptographically strong password.
All Mandylion Technology is available on GSA Schedule GS-35F-0243S –Brooks•Littlefield Associates. Please call 877-328-0496.

The Mandylion solution was borne of the Federal requirements for proper password management. The technology was matured under a Department of Defense research program it is now available to all Federal Agencies.

Mandylion products are offered through a variety of Federal resellers, systems integrators and government contractors. Mandylion and its Federal partners endeavor to be on a wide variety of contract vehicles that enable government clients ease of procurement. Federal Partners & Resellers

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100 User Departmental Configurations For Departments & Large Workgroups

100 user Policy Master Software licenses. Tokens and cradles sold separately; buy as few or as many as you need. Easily add on later. No annual fees, no required token replacement, etc.

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500 User and Above Enterprise Configurations For the Enterprise

500 user Policy Master Software licenses. Tokens and cradles sold separately; buy as few or as many as you need. Easily add on later. No annual fees, no required token replacement every 3 yrs., etc.

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